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Ana-Lynn Kim

Certifications: Pilates, Barre, Pound, and Indoor Cycling

Ana-Lynn began her career in Digital Media after graduating with a B.A. in Business Administration.  Her career presented her with little time to reconnect with her mind and body.  Thankfully she found Pilates in order to find balance in her life.

Her stress reliever soon turned into a new career, a Pilates Instructor.  She is certified on the full range of Pilates apparatus and mat through Body Arts and Sciences International, (BASI) a large, respected program throughout the Pilates world.  This career change has enabled her to achieve a healthy life/work balance and she enjoys sharing her passion and respect for the method with others.  Her classes are never the same, which makes them challenging and fun!  Pilates has challenged her body and mind in different ways and wants to share her passion and love of Pilates to others.

She also understands that every body is different and may like to be challenged in different ways.  Therefore, she can incorporate her different certifications into a specific session based on what you want to achieve with your body.  When she is not teaching you can find her spending time with her loved ones.

Based in Southern California, South Orange County location, Serving North Laguna Beach Pilates and Newport Beach Pilates, (Surrounding cities – Irvine Pilates, East Costa Mesa Pilates, Aliso Viejo Pilates, Mission Viejo Pilates, Laguna Beach Pilates and Laguna Niguel Pilates).