Pilates sessions are not just for dancer’s or athlete’s, they are for everyday people who wish to remain functional in their everyday activities. Sessions focuses on abdominal strength, muscle toning, flexibility, and the client’s needs.

Prenatal Pilates

Designed to help keep mommy active to help prepare for labor.  Staying active as long as possible will help reduce aches and pains, increase energy throughout pregnancy plus labor, and help with the recovery process.  Not only will it help you to keep fit, these classes will help to release endorphins that can put you in a good mood, which may help with your uncontrollable hormones, (future daddy will thank you for taking these classes).

*Requires a clearance note from your doctor.

Postnatal  Pilates

As a new mom I know how tough it is coming to terms with your new post baby body, but with hard work, dedication, and motivation you can get back into your pre-baby body.  This class is designed just for that.





Private Sessions

Private sessions are designed for that one-on-one personal attention. Workouts are personalized for your specific needs and goals.  Sessions may include Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Plyometrics, and Indoor Cycling.  Private sessions are based on the needs and wants of your body, and are the most effective.

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Duet sessions are perfect for those who want to work with another individual. Sessions are more cost effective than private sessions.

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Serving South Orange County.  Sessions are by appointment only.

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